Top No Code App Builders in 2022

Updated: Aug 3

In today's era where technology seems to take over our lives, having a mobile application for businesses has become more of a necessity rather than a choice. This is why as a business owner or a wannabe, you need to know how to build your application. The great news is over the past decade, the approach to app development has changed dramatically, making more and more non-technical developers venture into making applications.

Top No Code App Builders in 2022

A no-code app builder is a technological platform and tool designed to allow non-technical users and developers that are seeking to craft faster web and mobile apps. It helps people with no coding background to successfully turn their ideas into an effective, fully functional app without touching a single line of code. The goal of no-code app builders is to increase your speed of app development, and with them, you can produce an app of exceptional comparable quality to a coded app in a fraction of the time.

Continue reading below as we're going to tackle all the best no-code app builders you might consider trying. Each of them has its own specialties and limitations, but they all bring something unique to the table. All of them, in a multitude of ways, make app development far less expensive than traditional methods of building applications. Let's get started.


Undoubtedly the best no-code app builder you can get your hands on this 2022 is Bubble. Bubble is a decisive no-code web app builder that prides itself in an incredibly intuitive and customizable platform that makes it easy to build creative and multi-user applications. This platform lets you begin from scratch, prototype, launch, and iterate and scale your applications quickly. Moreover, all of the applications you will build in Bubble will seamlessly work in both desktop and mobile web browsers; you can even integrate features and functionalities you need to make a social media platform, such as Facebook.

Bubble has pixel-perfect designs and robust and scalable infrastructure, allowing for hosting, deployment, and UX customization. Moreover, you can leverage its version control and backups and its excellent support for complex payment models.



Next on the list of best no-code app builders is no other than Airtable. This no-code app builder is for those who love no-code programming and are absolute beginners. Airtable allows for effortless acceleration of your no-code development with influential interface designers and its great automation features. Airtable has an edge for data management, a feature that comes in very handy for large businesses and enterprises. Moreover, it has a lot of out-of-the-box applications that lets you create incredibly nice-looking dashboards to enhance the reporting use cases.



With Adalo, anyone can create mobile apps quickly and without a hassle, and worth mentioning, virtually stunning. This no-code app builder is widely used by freelance mobile app developers and web developers to turn their clients' startup ideas and unique app ideas into life without the dilemma of coding.

Adalo has an extensive library of drag and drops elements from lists, payments, buttons, text, and navigation. It also has dynamic components such as push notifications, native device actions, login and permissions, and many more. This platform's database management provisions are very beginner friendly too.



Quixy is another strong choice for no-choice app builders, and it will help you craft high-quality applications without the hassle of learning complicated design tools. It can polish an interactive app project, business process management, digital platform, and many more; It has a design UI sited on a six-column layout and numerous form fields, including fields to capture geolocation- e-signature, audio, video, and a lot more. It also has facial recognition and QR code scanning.

Quixy furthermore delights users by having unlimited workflow steps in either sequential, parallel, or conditional modes.


Appy Pie

Another excellent choice for no-code app builders is Appy Pie. Appy Pie allows you to make multifunctional native apps using its pre-set templates and color themes that you can customize for your liking. It can make you a shopping app, dating app, delivery app, and other types of applications there as well. It has real-time interface edits, application testing, and analytics and effortlessly works for iOS and Androids and other built-in app store publishing.

Appy Pie also has conversion options from websites to apps. It also offers courses on building applications at all skill levels.



Next on the list of best no-code app builders is AppGyver, which prides itself on its capacity to build applications for all form factors, including mobile, desktop, TV, and others. It uses a combination of containers and components that permits users to create a wide range of user interfaces and enables excellent native functionality for mobile apps as well.

AppGyver also includes a theme engine crafted to allow users to implement global themes across all of the platforms with almost a thousand components. This means you can build unlimited logic within the UI or connect via API to third-party logic and backend functionality.


Bravo Studio

If you're looking for a highly design-oriented no-code app builder, then Bravo Studio will be your best friend. This no-code app builder prides itself on being a design-first no-code platform. Everyone can construct an app design employing Figma and Adobe XD and import the resulting design seamlessly into Bravo Studio. Afterward, the developer will simply connect the app to a backend via REST API to produce a fully-functional app in no time.

Bravo Studio fixates on mobile app development and producing publishable apps that can be presented to Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store without a hassle.



Next is a no-code app builder that promises a stunning application done remarkably fast. Retool enables no code app markers to build internal tools quickly and smoothly. The platform excels in providing a wide section of building blocks, including tables, lists, charts, and forms, in addition to wizards and maps. These building blocks can be easily connected to external data sources to finalize complex apps in an instance.


UI Bakery

Another great choice of no-code app builders is UI Bakery. UI Bakery lets users create internal no-code business tools quickly and allows developers to add their database credentials to query their data directly. It can also integrate any REST or GraphQL API. The platform offers 25+ components with more than ten columns and field types.

UI Bakery also deploys roles-based security systems that will enable makers to share their apps with their team members securely. The platform also has low code capability, making it possible to add custom components using React or plain JavaScript.



Last but equally impressive no-code app builder is Ninox, an app-building platform crafted to better business processes. It is a customizable platform built from drag and drop spreadsheets, forms, and charts alongside reports. Ninox helps streamline any business workflows on everything they use while collaborating with their respective teams from anywhere. Ninox serves many industries worldwide, from IT to medicine, to real estate and construction. With this platform, any organization can create an effective, interactive, attractive-looking app that serves its customers.



No code app builders make it possible to develop custom mobile and web applications fast and uncomplicated. These tools possess great ease of use alongside outstanding function features that will benefit both personal and business projects.